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Double Acting Electric Hydraulic Pump

Pullertop’s double-acting electric hydraulic power pack comes with an oil capacity of 15 to 60L, are the ideal solution to power a wide range of double-acting hydraulic tools.

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Product Description

Product Lines: Electric Hydraulic Pumps

  • Two-speed operation reduces cycle time for improved productivity.
  • All valves are 3 positions for Advance-Hold-Retract.
  • All the pumps are equipped with pressure gauge, which minimizes the risk of overloading and ensure long, dependable service.
  • Manual valve and motor control Internal pressure relief valve prevents overloading

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

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Series Specifications

Oil Capacity: 12-50L
Pump Type: Double-acting, Two-sped
Maximum Operating Pressure : 700Bar
Weight: 29-60Kg

Series Comparison

Model Usable Oil Capacity/L Pump Type First Stage Pressure/bar Second Stage Pressure/bar Low-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min) High-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min) Power Weight/Kg
PE12DD 12 Double-acting 70 700 6 1 1.5KW 220/380V 29
PE30DD 30 Double-acting 70 700 6 1 2.2KW 220/380V 45
PE50DD 50 Double-acting 70 700 6 1 4KW 220/380V 60