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Electric Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump

Pullertop manufactures/supplies all kinds of high-precision electric hydraulic torque wrench pumps. The working efficiency of our 3 stage torque wrench pump is at least 50% higher than that of the two-speed pump.

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Product Description

Product Lines: Hydraulic Wrench Three-stage Pump

  • High-efficiency three-stage flow pressure design, perfect simulation Manual operation to achieve fast light load, slow heavy load,Bolt preload is more precise.
  • The pump body is made of aluminum-titanium alloy, which is small in weight and easy to carry.
  • High-performance radiator, the fan starts when the oil temperature reaches 35°C.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

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Series Specifications

Oil Capacity: 7.6L
Pump Type: Three Stage
Maximum Operating Pressure : 700Bar
Weight: 27Kg

Series Comparison

Model Outlet Power Parameters
Low-Pressure Rating (bar)
Middle-Pressure Rating (bar) High-Pressure Rating (bar) Low-Pressure Flow
Dimension/mm Weight/Kg
PE7.6 3D-2 4×1/4 NPT 220V/380V
60 320 700 8 1.6 0.8 400X330X420 27
PE7.6 3D-4 8×1/4 NPT 220V/380V
60 320 700 8 1.6 0.8 400X330X420 27.5