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What is a reliable flange separator?

The 24 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader is a heavy-duty industrial machine that can handle the trickiest flange separation jobs. Large pipelines, pressure vessels, and machinery maintenance are a few heavy-duty applications that benefit significantly from their considerable strength and force.

With a 24-ton capacity, this hydraulic spreader can exert significant pressure to effectively separate flanges, saving operators time and effort. Its sturdy design guarantees longevity and dependability under difficult working circumstances. The robust flange spreader is essential for safe and efficient flange separation in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and diverse manufacturing industries.

Effective and Efficient Flange Separation

High Capacity Solution
A high-capacity solution for industrial activities needing significant force to efficiently separate flanges is provided by the Hydraulic Flange Spreader. It excels over conventional approaches, providing higher efficiency and reducing downtime while performing maintenance or repair work. This spreader can apply force precisely and uniformly using hydraulic power, protecting flanges and assuring smooth operation.Because it uses a forged high-strength wedge shell,so it is recommended for large-scale projects when efficiency and safety are of utmost importance because of its capacity to carry huge loads. With a Spread range of 6-103.5mm,this hydraulic spreader optimizes performance and streamlines procedures in various industrial sectors thanks to its large capacity and user-friendly features.
With its unparalleled efficiency, this Hydraulic Flange Spreader revolutionizes flange separation. Traditional techniques can involve a lot of time and labour, but this hydraulic spreader speeds up the procedure with its potent force delivery.

Hydraulic pressure evenly spreads apart flanges, minimizing the possibility of jarring, erratic movements that might result in accidents. Efficiency leads to reduced costs and higher productivity, which elevates the spreader to the status of a priceless tool for industrial operations. This hydraulic tool guarantees prompt and accurate flange separation every time, whether managing regular maintenance or dealing with emergency shutdowns.

How to Use a Flange Separator

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Integrated Safety Features

The spreader’s non-slip surfaces and ergonomic handles improve operator control and lower the risk of accidents while in operation. Additionally, its sturdy foundation and dependable locking mechanisms guarantee a secure posture.

This hydraulic spreader inspires trust in industrial experts and gives them the peace of mind to work effectively and securely. Safety was prioritized at every stage of development.

Exceptional Industrial Spreader

This Hydraulic Flange Spreader is regarded as a top-tier option in industrial spreaders and stands out for its remarkable capabilities and performance. Its reputation as a trustworthy and potent instrument follows it, making professionals from various industries seek it out.

This hydraulic spreader has established itself as a preferred piece of machinery for flange separation and related activities in various settings, including shipyards, refineries, power plants, and building sites.

Its track record of practical applications and satisfied users confirms its position as a top option for overcoming the most challenging industrial difficulties. We also have classic models FSH-14 to choose from.