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Shorty Bottle Jack/Mini Hydraulic Bottle Jack

MJ series hydraulic bottle jacks are mini hydraulic jacks with low collapsed heights designed for lifting operations in confined spaces. The shorty hydraulic jack’s capacity range from 5 ton to 20 tons and can be operated in both vertical and horizontal directions.

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Product Description

Series: MJ Series

Product Lines: Hydraulic Jacks

  • Low collapsed height, suitable for lifting operation in confined spaces.
  • Jacks can be operated both vertically and horizontally.
  • Handles function in line with the jack base for easier use in narrow spaces.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

Series Specifications

Capacity 5-20 Ton
Collapsed Height 63.5-130.2mm
Stroke 19-38mm
Weight 1.9-8Kg

Product Picture

Series Comparison

Model Capacity(Ton) Stroke(mm) Collapsed Height(mm) Weight/Kg)
MJ0519 5 19 63.5 1.9
MJ0538 5 38 88.9 2.4
MJ10 10 30 120.7 5.5
MJ20 20 30 130.2 8