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4-50 Ton Integral Hydraulic Puller

Pullertop integral hydraulic pullers come with a built-in hydraulic hand pump, with no need for an extra hand pump and hydraulic hoses set up. Our integral pullers’ capacity range from 4 tons to 50 tons and are portable tools for bearing removal applications,20T, 30T and 50T are designed for two-speed puller

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Product Description

Product Lines: Integral Hydraulic Bearing Puller

  • Self-contained hydraulic puller, extra hand pump, hydraulic hose, and coupler are not required, are easy to use, and allow operation by one person.
  • 2/3 jaws combination puller head as jaws can be installed with 2 or 3 jaws as a changeable type against the limited space
  • Jaws proceed with forging made parts and special treatment for providing the best strength and long life use
  • 360˚ rotary handle swivel sleeves allow pumping in all directions
  • A unique safety valve designed to reduce the risk of the puller overload by limiting the applied force
  • 20T, 30T and 50T are designed for two-speed puller

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

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Series Comparison

Model Capacity/Ton Reach(mm) Spread(mm) Stroke(mm) Weight(Kg)
UK-4 4 185 255 60 4.5
UK-6 6 220 330 70 5.5
UK-8 8 230 350 85 6.5
UK-12 12 270 375 85 8
UK-20 20 360 520 110 22
UK-30 30 395 550 111 32
UK-50 50 460 615 111 45