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Flange Alignment Tools

The flange alignment tool is suitable for the alignment or realignment of flange joints in routine maintenance of pipelines. The tool is attached to the flange joint where misalignment is at its greatest and then simply pushes and pulls the flange into correct alignment(Except FA9TE). The flange alignment tools rectify twist and rotational misalignment quickly, safely, and without the need for an external power source. Appropriate for use on most ANSI, API, BS, and DIN flanges.No slings, hooks, or lifting gear required.Can be installed and used in any position(horizontally or vertically). Portable, lightweight design enables easy transport and use, even in remote locations.

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Product Description

Product Lines: Flange Alignment Tools

  • FA1TM:For use on smaller diameter low pressure flanges.Mechanical fixed flange alignment tool.
  • FA4TM:For use on medium diameter,medium pressure flanges.Mechanical fixed flange and rotational alignment tool.
  • FA9TM:For use on larger diameter,high pressure flanges,Mechanical fixed flange and rotational alignment tool.
  • FA9TE:For use on larger diameter,higher pressure flanges.Hydraulic fixed flange and rotational alignment tool.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

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Series Specifications

Maximum Spreading Force (ton) 1-9
Min. Bolt Size(mm) 16-31.5
Min. Bolt Size(inch) 0.63-1.24
Flange Thickness(mm) 14-228
Flange Thickness(inch) 0.55-9
Weight: 2-16.5

Series Comparison

Model Alignment Capacity(Ton) Min. Bolt Size(mm) Min. Bolt Size(inch) Flange Thickness(mm) Flange Thickness(inch) Type Weight (kg)
FA1TM 1 16 0.63 14-82 0.55-3.29 Mechanical 2
FA4TM 4 24 0.95 30-133 1.18-5.23 Mechanical 8.6
FA9TM 9 31.5 1.24 93-228 3.66-9 Integral Hydraulic 16.5
FA9TE 9 31.5 1.24 93-228 3.66-9 Split Hydraulic 16.5