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Moveable Hydraulic Toe Jack With Wheels

It is a kind of toe jack that allows fine adjustment of the front, back, left, and right with a heavy object placed on the toe, widely used for assembling during the installation of heavy machinery such as printing machines and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Product Description

Series: MFR Series

Product Lines: Hydraulic Toe Jacks

  • It enables forward/backward, up and down, and left and right position adjustment while keeping the heavy load in a jacked position.
  • This model consists of an F-series jack and wheels made of urethane, enabling fine position adjustment in three directions, forward/backward, left/right, and up/down while keeping the load in a jacked position.
  • It enables fine position adjustment of forward/backward, up/down, and left/right within the range of 100mm.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

Product Picture

Series Specifications

Capacity: 1.5-5 Ton
Min. Toe Height: 45-100mm
Stroke: 65-137mm
Table Slide Range: 100mm

Series Comparison

Model Number Capacity(Tons) Min. Toe Height(mm) Stroke(mm) Table Slide Range(mm)
MFR-50L 1.5 80 116 100
MFR-100 5 45 137 100
MFR-100T 5 45 65 100
MFR-100TL 3 100 65 100