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BHP Series, Hydraulic Master Puller Set with Hand Pump

Hydraulic puller sets include detachable hydraulic cylinders and a choice of pump options, along with a gauge assembly and hose for safe monitoring of applied pulling forces.

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Product Description

Product Lines: Bearing Puller Set

  • All master puller sets include a grip puller, a cross-bearing puller, a bearing cup puller, and a bearing puller attachment, which can be ordered separately.
  • Supplied with a fully hydraulic set including pump, hose, cylinder, gauge, gauge adaptor, and wooden case.
  • High-quality, forged steel components provide superior reliability and service.
  • Sets include a speed crank and adjusting screw for fast contact to work before hydraulics are applied
  • These hydraulic pullers eliminate time-consuming and unsafe hammering, heating, or prying. Damage to parts is minimized through the use of controlled hydraulic power.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

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Series Comparison

Model Capacity(Ton) Power Source Hydraulic Cylinder Saddle Hydraulic Hose Pressure Gauge Gauge Adapter Grip Puller Cross Bearing Puller Bearing Cup Puller Bearing Puller Wooden Box Weight(Kg)
BHP-1752 14 P-392 Hydraulic Hand Pump RCH-1211 * HC-7206 GF120B GA3 BHP-1762 BHP-1772 BHP-180 BHP-181 CM-6 37
BHP-2751G 20 P-392 Hydraulic Hand Pump RCH-202 HP-2015 HC-7206 GF813B GA3 BHP-252 BHP-262 BHP-280 BHP-282 CW-350 90
BHP-3751G 30 P-392 Hydraulic Hand Pump RCH-302 HP-3015 HC-7206 GF813B GA3 BHP-352 BHP-362 BHP-380 BHP-382 CW-350 172
BHP-5751G 50 P-80 Hydraulic Hand Pump RCH-603 HP-5016 HC-7206 GF813B GA3 BHP-552 BHP-562 BHP-580 BHP-582 CW-750 298