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UKM Series, Universal Puller With Separator

Pullertop integral hydraulic pullers come with a built-in hydraulic hand pump, with no need for an extra hand pump and hydraulic hoses set up. 

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Product Description

Product Lines: Integral Hydraulic Bearing Puller

• The arc-shaped thin-cut edge design can be easily inserted into a tiny part gap to achieve the purpose of dismounting the bearing.

• A wide variety of thread adapters, bearing pulling attachments, and internal pulling attachments can be used in combination.

• A grip puller can be used in combination with a bearing puller to dismount the bearing and wheels.

• Made of forged chrome-manganese alloy steel, safe and durable.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

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Series Comparison

Model Capacity/Ton Reach/mm Spread C/mm Spread D/mm Stroke/mm Weight/Kg
UKM-4 4 185/250 55 225/110 60 4.5/8.5
UKM-6 6 220/270 95 330/180 70 5.5/11.5
UKM-8 8 230/270 95 350/220 85 6.5/12.6
UKM-12 12 270/380 225 375/290 85 8/18.0